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Warehouse Pallet Racking Audits and Safety Inspections – Ensuring Compliance and Safety

At Pallet Racking And More Sydney, we understand the paramount importance of safety within your storage facilities. That’s why we offer comprehensive safety inspections, pallet racking audits, and warehouse risk assessments. These vital services are designed to ensure your storage solutions adhere to Australian standards and recommended weight loads. Moreover, safety inspections are becoming increasingly crucial, often mandated by workplace authorities, WorkSafe NSW departments, and insurance providers. The inspection frequency typically varies, occurring every 6 or 12 months, contingent on your specific business requirements.

Our commitment at Pallet Racking And More extends beyond mere compliance; it’s about guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind. Following a meticulous inspection, we provide a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE, reassuring you of the integrity and adherence of your storage systems to statutory guidelines.

Here’s an insight into what our inspections cover, focusing primarily on frame-related assessments and damage thresholds. Keep in mind that while this list is invaluable, it doesn’t encompass the entirety of a pallet rack inspection, but concentrates on frame damage assessment.

1. **Severe Corrosion:** This occurs when corrosion has penetrated the steel, with a particular focus on welds, as they are prone to rust. Any parts that have lost their surface coating also require scrutiny.

2. **Strut Damage:** Look for signs of twisting, deformation, and shearing. Deformation or shear exceeding half an inch necessitates repair, while lesser damage should be referred to a professional pallet racking inspector.

3. **Upright Damage:** Similar to strut damage, examine for twisting, buckling, deformation, and shearing. Damage surpassing half an inch calls for repair, while lesser damage requires professional inspection.

4. **Fastener and Punch Hole Damage:** Inspect for loose anchor bolts, bracing connectors, and beam connections, as these fasteners contribute to structural strength. Examine punch holes if beams have sustained damage.

5. **Frames out of Plumb:** If the frame height deviates more than half an inch per 10 feet, correction is essential.

6. **Footplate Damage:** Scrutinize for corrosion, shearing, twisting, deflection, and fastener issues.

7. **Beam Check:** Any beams showing visible deformation or cracking of the beam end connectors should be unloaded and replaced. Ensure beams are properly engaged and equipped with safety locks. Avoid altering the original configuration or weight load without engineering approval, as modifications can overload frames. Plaques must be updated whenever there are changes to the rack configuration or load.

Manufacturers typically provide frame capacity charts, with relevant information prominently displayed on a placard at the end of an aisle. Capacity plaques should include beam elevations and design loads.

For a comprehensive understanding of pallet racking safety and regulations, refer to the Safe Work NSW Fact Sheet for Pallet Racking.

In essence, a warehouse pallet racking audit is an essential step to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your storage systems. To arrange a safety audit today or for more information, please contact our office at 1300 243 901, or conveniently book online via the button below. Your safety is our top priority.