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Mezzanine Office Space

 Before you start to look into a costly relocation to a larger, more expensive location, consider using mezzanines to increase your office space.


With the use of a mezzanine, your warehouse will double its functionality without interrupting your floor space. When paired with office fitout, a steel mezzanine is an ideal solution to your need for more office space.


Mezzanine Office Fit-out

A mezzanine and modular in-plant office will:

  • Prevent the usage of valuable floor space
  • Be less costly than traditional construction and easier to install
  • Provide you with excellent views into your warehouse
  • Have stair treads and handrails that are pre-assembled for fast installation
  • Have structural steel columns independent of walls for maximum flexibility
  • Provide a variety of sound controls
  • Have fire retardant designs for up to a one-hour rating
  • Be insulated to be energy efficient